Friday, June 7, 2013

Sympathy meals/Help meals

At some point in all of our lives, we have had friends and family who have been sick or been grieving.
A lot of the time, we all feel a little helpless. What can we do to ease things for these people we care about?

Many people ask "what can I do" or "please let me know if I can help in any way". As grand as they are as gestures...we all know that you will never get the phone call asking. Many people don't want to "bother" others by asking for help.

A simple solution is to just do it! Take the initiative and tell your loved one what you will be doing.
" I would like to come over and help, I will be there soon"
"I know child A has ballet this week, I will be there to take her to class for you"

Most often, I rely on cooking to help.
When someone has so much turmoil in their lives, not having to worry about a meal is a big deal.
There are some items to think about when bringing a meal to a friend...

1. Allergies. Always keep this in mind. If you are uncertain, please feel free to call and ask.
2. Taste. If you know your friend likes exotic foods, that is one thing, but when in doubt, keep the meals simple. Please also stay away from flavors that many people have strong aversions to: olives, onions, hot sauce to name a few.
3. Freezable? In this sort of situation, there is always the chance you are not the only person who had this idea. There is no way the family can go through 18 meals in a few days. Making sure the food can be frozen and reheated is a nice option to have.
4. Directions. Do not just assume they will know how to reheat your food product. A quick note on the package will go a long way in ensuring they enjoy your food.
5. Packaging. Please do not send food in dishes you need returned! They really do not need to worry about this right now. Most dollar stores have throw away aluminum pans that you can use.

The one thing you rarely run into...but it has happened, is rejection.
Please, please do not take it personally. 
This person could be so overwhelmed, they just do not know how to deal with such an outpouring of support.
It could also be bad manners, but odds are, that isn't the case.

When you are on the receiving end, always just thank them. If you eat it or not isn't the point, they took time out of their lives to think and care about you.

I just am not a cook, what can I do to help?
A simple bag of groceries can go a long way! They might not have had time to go to the store. Just some basics, the fixings for a meal or two.
Or, a gift card for a local restaurant who delivers. They can decide what they want, when they want it.

What are your favorite meals that travel well to bring to others?

Some (too many to mention all of them!)of my faves are:
Main Dish

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