Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon

My man hearts his meatloaf!
My man also hearts bacon. He goes so far as to call it "meat candy".
Marry the two and I have the happiest man in the world.

1 ½ Lbs ground beef
1 Packet onion soup mix
1 Egg
2 Tbsp Worcestershire
Salt and Pepper
1 lb bacon

1. Mix all ingredients
2. Wrap with bacon: Lie bacon strip next to strip on parchment paper. Move meatloaf to middle of bacon. Using each side of the parchment paper, wrap each side with bacon
3. Cook on a cookie sheet in parchment paper for 45 minutes at 350
4. Remove parchment paper and cook 15-20 more minutes until bacon is crispy.


Layered raw bacon strips
Add your favorite meatloaf mixture

Use the sides of the parchment paper to help you roll the bacon in one big layer around the meat

Crispy and delicious!

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