Friday, June 14, 2013

Janice's American Chop Suey

My friend Janice...everything she makes is normal, everyday food...but with a twist!
We make a lot of the same meals, but hers are just so different from mine.

I have started picking her brain to get her versions, I am always game to try something new!

She gave me this recipe and I ran home to make it. We are big American chop suey fans in my house.
This meal did not disappoint!

It still had all the comfort food feeling of my own....but with a lighter feel.

The sausage was a nice addition, it gave spice to this that just blossomed. She told me that she uses the hot sausage...but I was going to use sweet. I got to the grocery store and the cheese and garlic flavor was on super sale, so that is what I grabbed.

I should give her credit, the creamy habanero chicken soup came from her (well, apparently her sister).

1 Lb box elbow macaroni
1-1 ½ Lbs ground beef
8 Italian sausage links (hot or sweet)
1 Green pepper (chopped)
1 Onion (chopped)
2 Cans of stewed tomato
Tomato juice
Pasta sauce

1. Cook pasta as directed
2. Cook hamburger with onions and peppers
3. Cook sausage, slice on an angle
4. Mix everything together with stewed tomato
5. If you would like thicker sauce, add marinara sauce
Thinner sauce, add tomato juice.



Optional Ingredients

Stir and enjoy!


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  2. Always looking for good things I can bring to work for lunch. This looks DELICIOUS!!!