Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Day After Easter!

To all of my friends who celebrate, I hope you enjoyed your day!

Our yearly celebration takes place at my Nana's house every year. We have all sorts of traditions, and it's a joy to watch all the generations happily participating.

1. Onion Peel Eggs: Always someone has the traditional red eggs (I do believe this is a Greek custom). They are made by boiling tons (we save 6 months- 1 year worth) of onion peels with some vinegar. Strain, and let return to room temperature. Use this liquid to boil your eggs, up to 20 minutes.

Of course the littles all bring their eggs made with the multi colored dye packs, but we have had the red eggs every single year.

2. Egg cracking contest: This is an old Polish/Russian tradition. One player holds their egg in their palm, wrapped in a fist, with the top of the egg poking out from the circle made with your thumb and first finger. The opponent grabs his egg and end-to-end cracks yours from top.

If your shell cracks, you must flip your egg and try again.
The person with two broken ends gets to peel and eat their egg.
The "winner" has to keep going until either they end up broken as well.

At the end of the day, we have a"Champion of the Free World".
This person's name gets hung up until next year. When people are ready to start "cracking" they need to start with the reigning champ.

3. Candy hunts: The Easter bunny leaves candy eggs around the inside of Nana's house! Nana has the hotline number, she calls him every year to let him know how many grandkids are going to be there.
(for the record, there are 14 of us grands and great grands. Age ranging from 45-3).
While the kids are looking for those, the Easter Bunny comes back and hides some in the yard!
Nana takes such joy at watching the kids look for candy! Even the teenagers of the family (usually "too cool" for such things) love doing this, even if only to help the littles.

4. The food: We all knew I would get to this at some point!

As a true Lithuanian family, we stick to some of the old food traditions.
Every year we have a potato babka. (not to be confused with the sweet yeast bread babka). It is a dense potato cake made with shredded potato, eggs, milk, and onion. We serve it hot with salt and sour cream (2 of the cousins use butter. no thanks!)

We also have pyragas, which is a dense, sweet, raisin bread.

Always, always, always we have fresh kielbasa. Served with heaps of mustard.

On top of all this, family brought so many other good things.
Fruit salad
Egg/Ham frittata
Spiral ham
Apple muffins
Cinnamon rolls

Yeah, and if that wasn't enough, I brought these favorites
(Will link when posted)
Biscuits and Gravy
Baked Beans
Tortellini Salad
Pear Bread Pudding

We all ate way too much, and left there way too full!
Not jealous of those who had to leave right after to eat again at the spouse's family's Easter!

Us, we ate our fill, came home and watched a movie.
(Paranormal Activity 2. WORST MOVIE EVER!)
The roast beef and broccoli casserole are in the oven now.

It's been hours, we are ready to eat again.
Don't judge!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your loved ones.
What are your traditions and favorite Easter recipes?

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