Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wellsley Farms Cheese Tray

I needed to make a cheese tray super immediately!
We stopped at BJ's and ran down to the deli section looking for blocks of cheese.
This is what we found.

I am in love, and will be buying this again just to have in the house!
It's a nice selection of 4 different cheeses, all set and ready to be put on a cracker.

All we had to do was peel back the plastic, there was a handy tray underneath!

As much as I enjoy hand-making as much as possible, sometimes it isn't a possibility.
With convenience comes cost though. Sometimes that is OK, but I hate WAY overpaying just because someone else sliced it for me.

This fantastic tray was under $10.00. Serious?! OK! Sold!

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