Monday, September 9, 2013


My parents have never even heard of Manwich as far as I am concerned.
They despised anything that came from a box, or a can, or a package. Fresh is best! (not that I disagree).

One summer, a new girl moved into our neighborhood. She was my age, and would be starting in my grade, at my school come fall.
Needless to say, we became friends, as kids typically do.

She had her birthday party, and a bunch of us were invited.
We all sat around the dining room table, and her parents served us dinner.
I looked at my plate...with some sort of grossed out look on my face (as I was later told); but, my parents raised me to be polite as a guest, so I knew I was eating this mess on my plate.

One bite later and I swear my eyes actually sparkled like in a cartoon. I probably had little hearts and stars too!!
I actually ate a second sandwich!
Oh the yumminess!

Back to reality, my parents did not like such a food, and out of my mind it went.

Fast forward to married life. One day hubby dearest looks at me in the grocery store and says "do you mind grabbing some Manwich, I have such a craving"

Manwich...remind me again....oh yeah!

So, many married years later, we still have Manwich every now and again.
It's just a fun, kid (and adult) friendly food!


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