Monday, April 8, 2013

Popcorn Seasonings

Darling daughter and I are both self proclaimed popcorn junkies.
Some people like chocolate, some want chips...we want popcorn.
(oh what a painful three years we had between head gear and braces, she couldn't have any, so I wouldn't so she didn't have to smell it)

Our microwave decided it really didn't want to make popcorn anymore. Every bag we would put in would burn. We adjusted temperature, time, to no avail.

Auntie Audrey came to the rescue one year and bought the girl child a popcorn maker. I knew she was getting it (who do you think gave her the idea?!) so I went out and bought popcorn, butter flavored oil....and these seasonings.

I packed them all in a pretty gift bag and set it to the side, hidden in my room. After the Christmas mayhem, we packed up all the cousin's gifts and left to go to another aunts for family time.
As hubby and the girl were leaving, I oh-so-sneakily stuck the bag under the tree.

She got so excited to unwrap the popcorn maker! When we got home, we played the "hey look, there is another present under the tree, wonder who it is for" game.
She was so psyched to get the edible "accessories".

Needless to say, we popped popcorn right away!

These seasonings taste so incredible!
The girl likes to mix and match flavors, I am a at a time please.

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