Thursday, October 17, 2013

You are my (one of 11) only Sunshine!

Happy Thursday to me!
I found out tonight I was nominated for a Sunshine Award from Ashley over at Pioneer Mama!

Please hold your applause to the end...
eh, who am I kidding...clap away, you know you want to!

I am really very happy for my short blogging life, it's my first nomination!

In all seriousness, the Sunshine Award is given from one blogger to another for "positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere". Sounds pretty prestigious to me!

As with everything, there are rules. We all know rules are meant to be broken followed!

1. Acknowledge your nominating blogger
Hi Pioneer Mama (see...acknowledging!)
2. Provide 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions your nominating blogger provided you
4. Pick 11 bloggers to nominate for this award (letting them know is important!)
5. Post 11 questions of your own for those bloggers to answer for you

Let's start with my 11 random facts. Hm. This takes thought!

1. I lived in the north half my life, I lived in the south half my life, now I am back up north and have this funky hybrid accent.
2. I am a Starbucks JUNKIE. Give me a salted caramel frappuchino and I will be your BFF
3. I am still very close to my very first friend ever!
4. I never, ever had wisdom teeth. They are not hiding, they just don't exist. (oh darn)
5. I cruise every possible chance I get. Never to be sick of it!
6. Me=spoiled wife. I get foot rubs every night. Yes. Every night!
7. I have an unhealthy obsession with the smell of bonfires
8. I have a secret crush on Mr. Pricklepants from Toy Story
9. I am set and ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving
10. I am a compulsive planner (see #9)
11. I am incapable of eating or drinking without wearing it. It's a long running (bad) joke at this point. Not my most proud confession.

Now, if my boring facts didn't scare you away...on to my questions from Ashley!
1.  Name one thing on your bucket list.
I would love to visit all 50 states. I met someone who did and thought "well gee, isn't that neat?". We don't play tourist in America enough!!
2.  What helps you out of a creative slump?
I look around my house. Seriously. I watch hubby and the girl. Mr. Sir the cat. Who is doing what? It just sort of clears my mind and makes me able to think again.
3.  If you could be any profession for a day, which would you choose and why?
I would totally rock CFO of a multinational corporation! I want the feeling of holding that much power and control. That's not crazy, right?
4.  Have you had any major fails while cooking or crafting?  What was it?
OMG I fail all the time! Hubby and the girl know to brace themselves when I am cooking and they hear "pizza is on speed dial, right?". I suck at bread. I want to make it...but the lack of a mixer doesn't help. I have a bread machine...but to make it by hand...I have thrown away gobs of unbaked dough. Or flat cooked dough. Or black lumps of something.
5.  What is the silliest thing you’ve ever done?
This blog isn't long enough. Seriously. I am constantly doing silly things. Lately? Probably when the invisible speed bump popped up at work and I did that funny tripping...yet trying to play it off semi dance move. Yeah, that was silly. Just trip and be proud of it!
6.  What is the most difficult thing you’ve come across being a parent?
Trying to remember that it is her life and not mine. Looking at a mirror image (physically) of myself at that age and needing to learn to support her and treat her as she needs to be treated, not as I would have needed. As we move onto some huge milestones in her life, this is more glaring than ever.
7.  What is your favorite tradition you want to pass on to your kids?
Christmas morning. We drag it out. Coffee, snacks. Stockings. One present at a time. We all get to see it, enjoy it, appreciate it. I want her to pass this to her children and remember the love behind every wrapped thought that morning.
8.  What do you do to de-stress?
Read. I am a voracious reader for most of the year. Fall into winter I am usually too busy, but that's alright. 
9.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Cartoons and cheesy 80's movies.
10.  Do you speak a foreign language?  Which one?
I only wish! My great grandmother tried like crazy to teach me and my older cousins Lithuanian...and we didn't take up on it too well. Now I wish I had more patience with it.
11.  What is your favorite memory as a child?
Way too many to mention. One in particular is waking up ridiculously early in the morning, knowing we were headed to the airport to go to Disney and finding a real stretch limo waiting in the driveway for us.

Questions for my nominees....
1. Is there a story behind your first or middle name?
2. What is your favorite item to make in the kitchen?
3. If you could be any sitcom character, who would it be and why?
4. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten (or attempted to eat)?
5. If you are married, what was your wedding song and why? If you are not married, do you have one already picked out in your head?
6. Which holiday is your favorite and what traditions do you follow?
7. Who, in your life, has made the biggest impact on who you are today?
8. If you had unlimited funds, which charity would you help the most and why?
9. Morning person or night owl?
10. When I think of childhood, the first thing that comes to mind is...
11. What was the first job you ever had?

And the nominees are....
Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots
Gloria @ Simply Gloria
Ali @ Jam Hands

Thank you to all for all the sharing you do with all of us..


  1. That was so much fun to read!! Totally agree with the Starbucks one :) Thanks for the nomination.

  2. You are welcome Jenn! Thanks for everything you do!