Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great baking tips

As we embark on the great holiday baking season, my friend over at "A Day in the Life of Jennay" posted some amazing baking tips.
Some of them seem simple, but as I read them I did a checklist in my head, and come to find out, she reminded me of a lot of things I should make sure of before I start baking away!
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She has a great blog with tons of DIY, Photography, and Recipes. Check it out!

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Baking Tips for the Holidays!!

My favorite holiday baking hints and tips:
  • Stock up on food storage containers-I use Glad products.  Sign up for e-mail with Glad and get a $1 off coupon-go here!
  • find your recipes and make a grocery list so that you will have everything you need when you start to bake-it’s no fun having to run out and get more supplies while you are in the middle of baking!
  • stock up on Plastic Wrap by Saran…I like to get the red and green colored wrap around the holidays-very festive!
  • clean up and organize your kitchen prior to your baking session-this makes it easier to find storage for all those cookies you are baking!
  • if you are making your own cookie dough like me…spend a day making several batches of logs and freeze them so that when your ready to bake the cookies all you need to do is grab them out of the freezer!  No defrosting necessary!
  • make sure your flour, sugar, and spices are not expired-replace if necessary
  • purchase extra cookie sheets (I have about 6)-this will help if you are making several different kinds of cookies in one day
  • Parchment paper, Parchment paper, Parchment paper…is a must!!  Not only does it minimize cleaning, the cookies bake faster and you can reuse the sheet for the next batch of cookies!  Seriously, invest in it!!
  • Besides Glad food storage containers-find unique ways to wrap those beauties up for gift giving-I’ll be showing some really fun ways to do this up on my blog in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned!
  • I always misplace my potholders and oven mitts -so I like to keep extra sets around for the holiday season.
  • Don’t overload the oven-if you have to bake more than one cookie sheet full of cookies at a time-make sure to rotate the cookie sheets halfway through baking.  This makes sure that the cookies bake evenly.
  • Don’t over bake…make sure to keep an eye on the cookies-every oven is different!
  • Cool cookies completely PRIOR to storing.
Hope these help you out with your holiday baking adventures!!
A super cute cartoon to enjoy!!

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