Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Caprese Salad Appetizer Skewer

Guest blogger!
Melissa Casalinuova sent me this recipe with her story. We all tried these at my house the other weekend during the Patriots game. These skewers cause good karma...Pats beat the Jets!

Melissa says:

OK...let's see.....we were at a Baby Christening Party at Glenn's cousin Michelle's house. Her youngest was being celebrated when a neighbor I believe came over with an appetizer for everyone. Now I of course thought, what a great idea....and how come I didn't think of it first LOL. Well anyways, it was a HUGE hit with everyone....and super easy to make!

Two containers of Cherry Tomato's or Grape tomato's

Two containers of small mozzarella balls or pearls

A bunch of Fresh Basil

Wooden skewers

Start with a cherry tomato....then if using the pearls use two and slide down to the tomato.

Next put a small piece of basil ( always rip basil with fingers so not to bruise it with a knife)

Then another Tomato....then two more mozzarella ( if using bigger mozzarella, only use one)

Season with Sea Salt, Fresh cracked pepper and good extra virgin olive don't need a lot


Click here for printable version

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