Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Anti-Thanksgiving Post

At some point on Thursday or Friday...after everything a whole bunch of cleaning and digesting...I will discuss how fantabulous my Thanksgiving was.
How could it not be?
It will truly be epic. It always is!

But in the meantime...let me let you peek in a little bit on my private life.

My name is Jay and I am a picky eater.
Not just a little picky: massive, annoy all my family and friends kind of picky.
Amazingly, it just seems to get worse as I get older.
Yay me. (please note the deadpan obvious sarcasm)

An article popped up in my FB feed from thekitchn.com and it hit home oh-so-much.
5 reasons why (someone other than me!) hates pumpkin.
This article started my spark. I had to fill people in on why Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite food holidays.

My co-workers actually had me run down the list of Thanksgiving foods and my thoughts on all of them. They are also amazed at the amount of stuff I bring to my own Thanksgiving...but, this is the only way to ensure I actually will eat something, (my dishes will be in red)

Turkey: I do not like turkey. I do not eat meat on the bone, Strike 1 and 2 all wrapped up into one featherless friend. At Thanksgiving I will have 1 bite of skin. Done.
Stuffing: Do not eat
Gravy: I like gravy, but not all gravies.
Bread: If they are not burnt, I will eat this.
Carrots: Simply spiced
Stuffed Celery: YUM!
Pumpkin Bread: See link to article above
Deviled Eggs: I would eat them...if I could get to one before they are gone!
Mashed Potato: Forget the turkey, to me, this is the star of the day (but only if I make them)
Sweet Potato: Never tried one. I make them every year, but have never eaten any, My dad has been critically allergic forever, so, we just avoid them.
Relish Tray: No olives for me, I can live without pickles.
Corn Casserole: love love love
Green Bean Casserole: only like this if it is actually made with french cut green beans
Turnip: why, oh why, do people eat this?
Squash: I eat no squash of any kind
Creamed Onions: only if sliced, and not in a glue like gravy.
Dill Salad: mmmmmm
Apple Pie: not a huge fan, but I avoid it for the most part (as I do most desserts not made by me) due to my own artificial sweetner allergy. Easier not to eat it than hope people remember if they used real sugar or not.
Key Lime Pie: No citrus for me
Pecan Pie: The one time of the year I actually get a piece
Pumpkin Pie: see article above

Do you all feel enlightened now?
What is your most fave and/or least fave part of Thanksgiving?

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