Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

To all who celebrate...I hope you enjoyed yourself!

As is the yearly tradition, we headed to my aunt's to celebrate with family.
This year, two of the cousins are bringing their significant others for the first time.

One cousin, K, decided to have a little fun. When H (girlfriend) asked him what we usually have to eat, he got all serious and decided he was gonna "sell her" on our Easter. He was like "oh, it's great...we get fresh kielbasa and boil it. It's a very lovely shade of gray once cooked. Then we get eggs and dye them with onion peels, they come out flat brown"
At this point she had a what did I get myself into look on her face.
My aunt said she couldn't stand it anymore, she started laughing.
I get it, we have some odd foods for Easter, but, that's what memories are made of.
(click here to read more about our traditions)

Hubby has just had his surgery, but he was determined to go. He ended up lasting about 2 hours. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Due to, well, life...our "guest list" is smaller than usual this year, so Auntie is being very specific about what people are bringing, she doesn't want 100 lbs of leftovers.
This year I have been asked to make
Baked Beans
Coconut Pound Cake

Hope everyone had exactly the day they hoped for!

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  1. Happy Easter 2017. I am very happy that you shared some wonderful memories with us. You really spent a good time out there. Little worried about your husband injury. I hope he will be fine now.