Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

I truly wish that everyone enjoyed their holiday and made some wonderful memories.
For those who are struggling with the holidays due to those who cannot be with us anymore, please remember they are sharing the holiday in your heart.

We do Christmas Eve at my house with hubby's side of the family and some friends. This year there were 13 of us and we ate, drank, and made quite merry!
Usual traditions include using stockings that my mother in law and sister in law made (many years ago) we do small gifts for everyone.
Not to mention, having A Christmas Story on loop as soon as it starts.
We have one friend who stays after everyone else leaves, and we all visit for awhile. The girl child is then forced into bed so Santa can come.

Cowboy Caviar
Reuben Roll Ups
Spinach Balls
Christmas Tree Bread
Cheese Tray
Chips and Dip
Gingerbread Brownies

Christmas Day is always at my Uncle and Aunt's house.
We do a yankee swap and just enjoy the day together.

This year one cousin and his family went to his wife's side because a family member is moving to the west coast just after the 1st.
Guess we can allow this :)

Now we are home, wading our way through Christmas mess, cleaning up as we go.
Love this season and every chaotic minute.

I hope you loved yours too!

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