Friday, October 11, 2013

Rienzi: i Bambini mini pasta

I was shopping the other day and had a coupon for a free box of Rienzi pasta.

I am not an extreme couponer...I don't even get the paper. Most coupons aren't the right fit for my household anyhow.
Every now and again I come across one though, and I RUN to the store to use it.

Back to the story...
I was at the store, looking to use my coupon...and came across this pasta.

25% Vegetable puree?
Made with squash and carrots?
Sounds gross...let's try it!

Nope, not gross! In fact, it tastes pretty much like the elbows we all know and love.
Sneaky way to get some more veggies into the littles in your life.

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