Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week in Review: Week 6: Feb 7, 2016 - Feb 13, 2016

Sunday Feb 7, 2016
Deviled Eggs
Garlic Knots
Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert

Monday Feb 8, 2016
Pork Roast
Twice Baked Potato

Tuesday Feb 9, 2016
M and M Cookies
Almond Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake
Red Velvet Brownies
Leftover Pork Roast and Twice Baked Potato

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016
Beef and Veggie Stir Fry
Asian Cucumber Salad

Tonight's WONDERFUL meal was made, served, and cleaned up by my fantastic girl child!

Thursday Feb 11, 2016
Ravioli and Italian Bread

The ravioli were totally store bought, but it was an awesome, yummy, easy meal!

Friday Feb 12, 2016
Baked Potato
Cheesy Bread

Hubby and I were both UGH about cooking, Nothing about ordering out sounded good. He offered to cook, and it was a medley of things he felt like eating. I am TOTALLY not complaining about a meal served to me!

Saturday Feb 13, 2016
Potato au Gratin

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