Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week in Review: Week 5: Jan 31 16-Feb 06 16

Sunday Jan 31, 2016
Meatloaf and Roasted Potato with a Cucumber Salad

Monday Feb 1, 2016
Fish Sticks with Macaroni and Cheese.
(another hubby cooked nights)

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016
Tomato Soup
In the interest of full disclosure, I was out with a friend...hubby made himself a can of tomato soup. I just happened to "steal" his leftovers.

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016
Nana's Egg A Muffins

Thursday Feb 4, 2016
Sausage Subs

Friday Feb 5, 2016
Chicken Fajitas
Refried Beans

Saturday Feb 6, 2016
We went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant with Auntie A and Uncle L to celebrate the girl child's birthday. Her day, her choice!

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