Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here we are at the beginning!

I freaking LOVE to cook.
I didn't say it always turns out great..in fact, my hubby and daughter know to worry when I preface a meal with "pizza is on speed dial...right?'...but it's all good.

It's just exciting to get in the kitchen and play. See what matches with what. See if you can MAKE this match with that. (think low budget "Chopped")

That being said, when something comes out good...it's incredibly good.
I often have people asking for my recipes. Sometimes I have one (usually having to give credit to someone else) and sometimes I don't and I just wing it the best I can.

In searching for a nice, neat way to keep the ones I have tried and liked all organized, I thought  I would try blogging them.
This is one stop shopping people! Find recipes, email me ones you love, and comment with amazing tricks and hints. I have every intention of starting to take pictures of the food...that always helps me.

I can see this being really fun!

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