Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Happy Turkey Day to you all!

I hope everyone got to spend quality time with friends and family today, I sure did!

Today started off with a bang...woke up with the start of a migraine. Panic mode!
Fortunately, I was able to stave it off to be able to make what I needed to make what I needed to make and get through the day. Hubby and the girl child pulled all the prep work together for me in order to keep me back on my track.

As the years go by, and the kids get older (not to mention losing the ones we love) and have their own families to celebrate with, the group gets smaller.
This year, we were about 50% of our normal. Very quiet.
Though, my aunts and I have yet to master the art of COOKING for 50% less people. food.

We had everything one could ask for in front of us. The abundance was a slight bit shameful.

My contributions this year were:
Deviled Eggs
Mashed Potato
Dill Salad
Sweet Potato
Corn Casserole
Pecan Pie
Key Lime Pie

I was bringing the mashed potato.
Could you imagine if my head prevented me from going today?
It's one thing if you tell the host that "oops, the carrots can't make it" but the mashed potato isn't making it? That's Thanksgiving sacrilege!

I could go on and on about cute things that happened, or funny moments...but I know you all had your own!

I am thankful for everyone around me.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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