Sunday, February 4, 2018

Castle Connections Travel: O'Hana

Ruby Anne's next amazing food adventure while at Disney

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Dinner at O’Hana last night at the Polynesian Resort. This is one of my personal favorites. They start you out with a loaf of friendship bread - it is made made from pineapple and coconut but we didn’t eat a lot of it as we didn’t want to fill up on bread. Next out was a bowl of salad with a Lilikoi dressing. Followed by a dish with fresh veggies, honey-coriander chicken wings, pork dumplings and teriyaki noodles. Then comes the fire grilled meats: giant shrimp, chicken and steak. And yes it’s all you can eat. Just when you think you cannot or eat another bite, they bring out desert which is O’Hana Bread Pudding topped with ice cream and a Banana Caramel Sauce.
We had the classic Lapu Lapu (alcohol drink at O’Hana inside a pineapple) especially because alcohol is included on the food plan.
Wait staff was excellent as always and loved hearing the roaming Polynesian ukulele playing singer!! Can’t wait til next next trip to eat here again!

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