Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I had every intention of going back and revisiting some old recipes...it was my resolution and all. Sigh.
I have done some...but have yet to manage to post them.
Mid February... there is still time to keep my resolution, right?

Helping me out in my endeavor are some friends and family! (Thanks guys!)

This post comes from hubby's cousin.
She is the sweetest thing, Truly.
She is also so very very talented! She makes sea glass jewelry out of, well, sea glass she finds on her "Treasure Hunts". It is all so simplistic and so beautiful.
Please, do yourself a favor and check it out here!
(had to plug, everyone who has a beachy soul needs to own a piece of their own)

All pictures came from cousin..thank you!

Original Post HERE

I love love love this picture of her happy, thumbs up family eating these sloppy joes. I had to include it b/c it's awesome, but, I had to do the anonymous thing. I think you all understand.

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